How to buy San Francisco 49ers prepares your child for success!

49ers jerseys

The classification of the jersey

Jersey is roughly can be divided into four kinds:

Real game Worn jersey (Match Worn) this is a collection of high-quality goods are sky-high

Player Version (Player Version), a small shop to sell most of the time with the players in a sample

Fans (the Official version up), or web site selling in the shop, the price is varied

Sham dozens of yuan a common knock-offs, to more than two hundred three hundred yuan realistic-looking high copy jersey (commonly known as "Thai version")

First talk about the first kind, this kind of shirt wear a specially, have a plenty of game players threw the fans after scoring, have a plenty of the end of the game after both sides exchange after went to the hands of collectors, still have a plenty of club competition after collected unified auction. Because it is a famous players wearing, so the price is quite high, and some are classic game jerseys, even more rare and expensive.

Say again the second, because the players version material is excellent, and used a lot of advanced science and technology, so considering the purchasing power of the fans and the actual need, only a small amount of sales, and players play the same, basically trademark or logo and sometimes the fans version also has difference.

Now and then introduce some basic flux method distinguish the authentic jerseys.


Inside the shirt logo, the black sign there

NIKE's special anti-counterfeiting laser line! (but this year the south jersey was the exception no laser line) laser line have the NIKE SWOOSH, but the white sign on

Giving shirt production, NIKE will usually put union with a style of shirt in the same place.

Part of the jersey tags will be printed with should have the shirt

"Life time" (such as MU). "The LAUNCH

On behalf of the kit to enable time DATE "and" LIFE

SPAN "on behalf of the shirt using the end of time.

Polo shirt collar divides the NIKE TOTAL's logo

Under the logo with the jersey's origin and yards; fine

Heart observation you will find the label in one layer

Waterproof, can make the font is not easy to fall off.  


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